Thursday, June 17, 2010


Yes, I am still here! I have been super busy lately. I have had some type of event every weekend. Every spare minute I have to craft has been devoted to making the kits for my mini album class. They are looking great! I have altered paper clips, made what feels like a billion camelot doop flowers, cut up bling and more! I am trying to do a few things up front so the class can finish a mini album in 2 hours. Not an easy task! I still have lots to do but I find it fun!

I will be selling a limited number fo kits for the mini album here on my blog!

The only down side of being so busy...I don't have much to share with all of you! I have come up with a great idea for another class. I can't wait to tell you about it!

On to my other passion: TV

Summer tv is always a different animal. There are only maybe 1 or 2 shows worth watching a night, if that! Here is what is on my TV schedule for summer!

*Last Comic Standing (Glad it is back!)
*Make it or Break it (cheezy, teen show but I Love it!, Don't judge!)
*The Closer

*Hell's Kitchen (I am kind of over this show but hubby likes it)
*Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-list (She is hilarious!)
*Memphis Beat (I will try it, but I am skeptical)

*Top Chef (LOVE!)
*Work of Art (Project Runway for artists - I like to see them come up with their ideas)

*Glee reruns
*Burn Notice
*Royal Pains

*Next Food Network Star
*Design Star

Given that is far below my nightly average - I have more time to craft! I plan to get many projects done. More projects coming - I promise!!!!! I hope you are enjoying your spring/summer! What are your summer TV favorites???


  1. LOL - you crack me up woman!!
    Hope your class is a wonderful success, I'm very happy for you. Can't wait to read about your next class idea.

  2. Whew! I am finally back to visit! Seems like forever since I have been blog hopping. I am excited about the kits you will be having. I might have to buy one to get me started in making things in that distressed method. I can do it some, but you and Marion do it so beautifully!!
    Shows I LOVE: The Closer, Royal Pains, The Good Guys (Hubby loves it too), HGTV Design Star, Food Network Star, In Plain Sight, Leverage, Castle (reruns, but I LOVE it!)
    Shows that fill time: Hawhtorne, Hell's Kitchen, Burn Notice, Master Chef (new- will try it), Top Chef, Lie to Me, Memphis Beat (very skeptical- but will try), Rookie Blue (new-will try)

    I am up for other shows as they come out too. I LOVE my TV.
    Funny thing: we are trying to cut back on excess spending in the family, just because, and we discussed that our Satellite bill is the largest payment we have after the house and car. We even talked about going without TV for 6 months (Not possible-- I would stop beathing) or even cutting back to one TV. Can't do that either with 4 of us with different likes and dislikes. Sooo, we will keep paying that bill!! LOL
    Have fun with your class! Can't wait to see the kit and your next class idea!
    Take care!