Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Simple Thank you Card

Hey everyone! I am back! Sorry I haven't posted in a bit but I have been super busy! What with the house, people coming to see the house, our "Welcome to Home ownership" problems, and new TV shows, I have been swamped! I made a bunch of Thank you cards at my crop club this past weekend. I thought I would share one of the more popular super simple cards with you! I finally broke out my brand new Cuttlebug and LOVE it!!! I hope you like the card!

Coming up soon:
a couple of haul videos (including Christmas paper!)
a TWS (scrapbeach swap) mini album, theme: Spooky.
a few Halloween cards
My first house mini album - Part 1

I think by listing out what is coming soon it gives me a To Do List and a push to complete things!

Thanks for watching!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall TV is Back Baby!

Yeah! I am very excited! My Tivo is working overtime this week as all the new shows are premiring! I am most excited to see House as a patient, the Big Bang Theory, I miss Sheldon so much! I can't wait to see the opening "Super Intense" line delivered by Horatio on CSI: Miami, I am all ready to "Suit up" with Barney on How I met your Mother. As you can tell, I have been waiting for this all summer! Sad but true!

If anyone wants to now when their favorite tv shows are premiring or you just want to chat about what's going on this season...let me know! I am know by my family as a walking tv guide.

Don't judge!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tim Holtz and New Scraproom

OK, here it promised!! I am all moved in. Boxes are basically gone! I show you what I made at my Tim Holtz classes! I had so much fun and learned A LOT!! I can't wait to share some of what I learned and if you see something you want me to share let me know! I called Tim the Willy Wonka of Scrapbooking! He liked that and I made him laugh! He was such a great teacher and I had a blast!! Check out the videos of what I made along with a mini tour of my new Scraproom!

More great stuff to come soon once I get a light!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All Moved in!

So, we are all moved into our new house! Everything went smoothly with the move and we are now up to our ears in boxes! Isn't it crazy when you see how much stuff you really own?!? It was such an amazing feeling to sit on our deck with a drink and think, "Wow, this is OUR home!" Awesome!

Funny Cat Story ~

So, Finn was a bit upset about the move. He sat in his litter box for a good 10 minutes meowing until I dragged him out and showed him his cat tower (Something familiar). He was a bit traumatized and didn't come out of the office 6 1/2 hours. He then slowly began to poke his head out and eventually began to sniff and explore the whole house. He loves the stairs and barrels up and down them like a maniac! After he was in the house for a day and 1/2, we thought it was safe to introduce him to the basement. He went down 3 stairs and turned and jumped over the duck work and was running over the insulation in the ceiling of the basement. It was crazy! It was like he knew this spot existed. I certainly didn't see it or think after 3 seconds he would find it! We had to run and get stools to stand on - rip down the insullation and pull him out as he clung to the ceiling for dear life! It took 5 minutes to get him down! I swear never a dull moment with that cat!

Other than that excitement, not much going on except hanging rods and pictures, unpacking boxes and settling in. I think I may have underestimated how long it would take to get my scraproom in order. That has to be one of the last rooms I do and I can't wait to get in there! Motviation to get cracking everywhere else!

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bonus Video!!!

Here is what I received from the color swap at my crop club. There were 19 people participating in this swap. We each had to make 19 bags filled with roughly 50 cents of product in our designated color. It was super fun to see what everyone came up with! Check it out! I also show how I finished up my moving card AND a small haul! Not bad for a bonus video huh??

What is your favorite color?

House Update:
We closed on Monday the 31st. Everything went smoothly. We bought a bottle of champagne and my sweet husband, Dave, carried me over the threshold. It was a great moment as we sat in OUR new (empty) home. It hasn't really hit home yet and probably won't until we sleep there for the first time on Sunday. We have been going every night to bring some things and paint an accent wall red in the living room. We move on Sunday and couldn't be more excited! I can't wait to show you the place in a video/pictures.

Amazing Butterfly album blog candy!

You will not believe how beautiful this butterfly album is! Laura makes them herself! She is giving away blog candy, a kit to make this amazing album! Check out her blog candy to find out how to win. Click HERE and her video for the album below.

Awesome right??? I was blown away by her creativity!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Blog Candy!

Check out the link for awesome blog candy and to give support to a new blogger! To find out more click HERE!! I just figured out how to link! Wow! Thanks to both Leslie and Kathryn for teaching me how! AWESOME!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New giveaway details!

Check out the giveaway! I heard of this from Tiffany at!! She is promoting her favorite Etsy store! This store is "owned" by Sue who is offering FREE SHIPPING on all new customers. Please stop by her store and visit her blog as well! If you post about sue's etsy store on your blog you will be entered in a chance to win some items from her store a bottle of mist (color to be determined) a package of tattered angels halloween bingo cards and a pack of jenni bowlin mini bingo cards. Please include a link to your site! I tried to but I haven't figured out how yet. I did post the address so hopefully that counts!
Also if you make a purchase by friday You will be entered twice! a winner will be chosen live on friday the 28th. (comments alone are not entered in the giveaway you have to post about hr store and this giveaway on your blog!)