Friday, September 4, 2009

Bonus Video!!!

Here is what I received from the color swap at my crop club. There were 19 people participating in this swap. We each had to make 19 bags filled with roughly 50 cents of product in our designated color. It was super fun to see what everyone came up with! Check it out! I also show how I finished up my moving card AND a small haul! Not bad for a bonus video huh??

What is your favorite color?

House Update:
We closed on Monday the 31st. Everything went smoothly. We bought a bottle of champagne and my sweet husband, Dave, carried me over the threshold. It was a great moment as we sat in OUR new (empty) home. It hasn't really hit home yet and probably won't until we sleep there for the first time on Sunday. We have been going every night to bring some things and paint an accent wall red in the living room. We move on Sunday and couldn't be more excited! I can't wait to show you the place in a video/pictures.


  1. I LOVE the Color Swap! I have got to find one to participate in. Great haul!! Also, the card really turned out cute. It was cute before, but a little glitz and glam is a girl's best friend. I was doing a card this weekend that I used the kiss technique on. I think the houndstooth and the other pattern stamp would be great for that. Like you ink it in a darker color and you ink a solid stamp (like the skull or the house) in a lighter color. Then you kiss the pattern stamp onto the larger stamp (repeatedly if you want) and it leaves a second color impression. Make sure that the kiss (pattern) stamp is stamped in a darker ink. It was fun doing that technique. Anyway, I'm very excited for you. I remember those days. We've lived in our first house for 11 years now. We still love it like we just bought it. We have talked about downsizing, but we would never be able to love anyother house the same. Enjoy.

  2. these color swaps are soo much fun!! Just stopping by to see what you up to? any new projects!!?? Have a great weekend!
    with a grin,