Sunday, August 30, 2009

On the Move

OK, here is probably the last video for a while. I wanted to share the cards I made at crop club this month. I had a lot of fun making them and would love to know what you think. I think I might add some yellow stickles for the rays of the sun. I refuse to finish them and send them out until I have the keys to the new house in my hands!

I have packed up my whole scrap space (So sad!) and have to take a break on the blog front for a while. I have to finish packing, move, and set up My NEW Scrap room!!! I plan to return with a bang though! I will film a video in my new scrap room on September 13th! Why that date you ask? Well, that is when I will share my Tim Holtz experience! I can't wait and will see you then! I'll miss you and you never know I might still post something if I have time. Maybe I'll have time to share what I received from the color swap!

See you soon! I'll miss you! Look out for me though b/c if I have a free minute I will be checking out all of your websites. i am currently obsessed with the Life on the Scrap Beach community! Check out the link on the right side of my blog to join in on the fun!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Color swap

This month at my Cabana Crop club we had a color swap. I had never heard of such a thing but I had a blast making my swap. Check out the video to see both my swap and my mother's swap. There is a cameo by Finn as well! Enjoy!

What might you do for a color swap??

Monday, August 24, 2009

I Love Peachy Cheap!!

I admit it! I just received my package from Peachy Cheap and I am so excited! I ordered the Grab bag for $10. Check out what I got. Make sure to check them out. It is part of my daily routine. They are fabulous! Love them!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crop Club

I have my crop club Saturday and I thought I would film a few videos. The next few posts will deal with what I bring to a crop, the challenge for this month and will conclude with me showing you some of the cards I made/ packing up my scraproom for the Big Move! I hope you enjoy them!

I have only been to one crop since I started scrapbooking. The first time I went I had no idea what to bring. I had just watched a video that Kathryn had made on her life's a scrap beach blog. She showed how she makes page kits. I thought that was a great idea and made one for Nate's car mini album. It really helped.

I have double the trouble while packing because I am packing for me and my mother! We share a bunch of supplies and so trying to fit everything can be interesting to say the least. I remember thinking, "Wow, these people are going to think I am super crazy to be bringing so much stuff!" I was beyond wrong. We probably had the least amount of everyone and we were two people. They had a drop off area for goodness sake! Some ladies took 3 trips before they were done!

I didn't use much of what I brought but you never know! This time at crop I will be making We've moved cards. I think this will require less things than a mini album but you'll have to watch the video to see what I pack. P.S. Try not to make fun of my cherry PJ's!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hey everyone! I am up to my ears in boxes and packing! I swear it is the worst part of moving! I am a pack rat and find it very hard to give things away. But Melissa has no trouble. Check out her great giveaway on her blog:

I am sorry I haven't posted in a while but as you can imagine things are CRAZY! We are set to close on my 30th birthday, August 31st and move on September 6th. I have my Cabana crop club this weekend and will be packing my tote along with ALL my scrap stuff! I will probably get 2 more videos in before the move but my blog will be on hiatus until September 13th. More on this later! New video coming on Sunday! See you then!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cheer Up Mini Album!!

I am really happy with this album. I was inspired in a different way this time. My good friend is going through a tough time right now. Her dad is really sick and she is at the hospital a lot. I had asked a few times if there was anything I could do to help. Nothing was the reply. I really wanted to do something for her and her family and a thinking of you card was just not enough. So I turned to scrapbooking and I decided I would send them a smile.

That was the inspiration. If I get one smile on her face it will be well worth the time, which is very short these days with the house stuff. I wanted the theme to be family but cheerful! I wanted bright colors, words of family, love and home. Her husband is a photographer so he can provide beautiful pictures and while she is at the hospital she can fill in the journaling with her mom. It will give them something else to do and maybe cheer them up a bit.

I used the DCWV Citrus Matstack and coasters from a bar.

Let me know what you think and any suggestions regarding future ribbon/fiber choices.

Still Here!

Yes, I am still here! I have been super busy! We have gone through the home inspection and are nearing the closing date! OMG! It's all happening! We have started packing and putting items toward a yard sale. My scrap area has been taken over with boxes and bags making it hard for me to create! However I have been working on a small mini album for one of my friends who is going through tough times right now. I wanted to cheer her up and thought a mini might do it! I am almost done it and will film a video on that soon (a day or two).

I am planning on making "We've Moved!" cards at my scrap club this month and will show you those when I am done also. I am trying to keep up with the blog during this stressful and busy time so please keep coming back! I will do my best to have at least 1 video a week!

****ALSO CHECK OUT BLOG CANDY ON STEPHANIE'S BLOG @!!! She is giving away the cutest paper bag mini album that she made! Super Cute!!!******

Any suggestions for packing scrap supplies so they don't get damaged or lost?

Any ideas for "We've Moved" cards????


Monday, August 3, 2009

Yes, Another car album!

I had told you I needed to make two of these car albums for my nephews' birthdays. Here is the second one! I wanted to use most of the same embellishments given they were car inspired and I am cheap. I did think the best way to make it looking different and I thought that was with paper. I found a great paper pack from K & Company called Road Trip that really helped make this one unique. Though the individual page layouts were similar I still think you can tell the difference. I think it turned out great and Nate really liked it.

You will see how I "designed" the front cover of the album in a new way. I think I am done with car albums for a while but I had a lot of fun with these!

Let me know which album you liked best, Evan's (first one) or Nate's (this one)!!?? I am curious.


Dave and I are under contract on our very first home!!!! We are so excited and if everything goes well with the inspection, we are set to close August 31st!!! My birthday!!! What a present huh? It's all happening! We are showing the place to the parents today and we are super excited!!! Wow, I am using a lot of exclamation points in this post huh?!? As you can tell we are psyched and I have been preparing my mini album from the beginning.

When we first decided to start looking at houses I went tot Michaels and got the house shaped mini albums from their dollar section. I got 3 just in case. I took pictures of the mortgage lady (she was thrilled) and our Realtor. i had him take pictures of us signing our offer and I journalled throughout the experience (like a diary) so I can then edit and pull what I want to use when I make the album. I am planning on taking pictures of the painting, closing, moving, and a few pictures of when we are all moved in. Maybe the last picture will be from our first Christmas. I am so excited to scrapbook this next HUGE step in our lives.

Given that everything is going to happen so quickly, my posts might be a bit more scattered. I will do my best to keep on top of it and find things to show on the blog, pictures and a few videos. Just don't give up on my blog because I plan to show the mini album being made in its entirety in MY NEW SCRAPROOM!! Yes, our house has 4 bedrooms and with no little ones yet, I will have my very own scraproom...a whole room! I am beyond excited and can't wait to share this large new step with all of you!

Any advice for scraproom colors, ideas, housing tips, moving tips, realy anything that could help me feel free to share!?!?!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My butterfly kisses blog candy!

Check out this new blog candy from Arlene at My Butterfly Kisses! She is celebrating her 1 year blog with a great candy!!! Also check out her blog because she is great. She has great videos, projects and pictures!

My link is not working for some reason (I tried 3 times) but just go to

She is great!