Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hey everyone! I am up to my ears in boxes and packing! I swear it is the worst part of moving! I am a pack rat and find it very hard to give things away. But Melissa has no trouble. Check out her great giveaway on her blog:

I am sorry I haven't posted in a while but as you can imagine things are CRAZY! We are set to close on my 30th birthday, August 31st and move on September 6th. I have my Cabana crop club this weekend and will be packing my tote along with ALL my scrap stuff! I will probably get 2 more videos in before the move but my blog will be on hiatus until September 13th. More on this later! New video coming on Sunday! See you then!


  1. I can't believe you are going to try to do some videos while you have all this other going on! Whew! I hope you have a good birthday. What a great birthday present...a new house! Makes turning 30 a good thing! I guess special people have birthdays in August; my oldest daughter will be 14 on Aug. 30.
    Have a good one. I am trying to take your advice and do one thing at a time in my craft space. I did paper today. Photos soon.

  2. HEY AMY!! TAKE CARE.. bend those knees with all that moving!! and no worries.. you are missed and can't wait til your back!! :) thanks for posting today!! heee
    with a grin,

  3. Amy, sorry I've been aol...grandbaby #2, boy arrived on the 13th and we brought grandbaby #1 back to Frisco with us (from Austin). I just have a few minutes here and there to get online. You have got your hands super full with the move, hopefully something special for the big birthday, and still doing videos!
    Good Luck, and you will be in my thoughts.

  4. Leslie - Yes, I am still trying do to videos! I am just enjoying this blogging thing too much! I love contributing (however little) to the crafting world out there! Fun! I am glad things are going well with the organization!

    Stephanie - Isn't that what the men are for??? JK! I will definitely be bending those knees and lugging lots of boxes but it is totally worth it! You are so sweet - I can't wait for all the awesome changes coming and I will be videoing what I can!

    Jill - CONGRATULATIONS on the grandbaby boy!! So exciting! You must be loving the extra time with grandbaby #1. I hope you are taking lots of pictures!

    Thanks for the luck, you guys rock!

  5. Amy, good luck with everything! There are so many exciting things going on for you right now ~ enjoy it all and take deep breaths! You're going to have so much fun with all of it & there will beso many awesome milestones to scrap!

    If you need any help letting go of an item, just shoot me an email ~ I am the exact opposite of a pack rat {whatever that's called} and I am ruthless when it comes to moving and deciding what to pack {I have moved every single year since 2003} so I can be your drill sergeant/guardian angel/whatever! :D

    Last time we moved I got rid of about half of our stuff either through sales, donations, recycling or the trash, and we still moaned and groaned the whole time we were unpacking about how much stuff we kept. Be ruthless now ~ I promise you'll thank me when you're unpacking!

    Life's a beach. Scrapbook it.

  6. Yes Maam! (I am saluting you as I type!) Kathryn, I may have to take you up on that! I am horrible about tossing stuff! Especially when it comes to clothes! I am trying but it is hard! I will definitely be documenting all the changes. I am already bogged down with how many pages I want to make. Prioritize, prioritize prioritize!!!