Monday, August 3, 2009


Dave and I are under contract on our very first home!!!! We are so excited and if everything goes well with the inspection, we are set to close August 31st!!! My birthday!!! What a present huh? It's all happening! We are showing the place to the parents today and we are super excited!!! Wow, I am using a lot of exclamation points in this post huh?!? As you can tell we are psyched and I have been preparing my mini album from the beginning.

When we first decided to start looking at houses I went tot Michaels and got the house shaped mini albums from their dollar section. I got 3 just in case. I took pictures of the mortgage lady (she was thrilled) and our Realtor. i had him take pictures of us signing our offer and I journalled throughout the experience (like a diary) so I can then edit and pull what I want to use when I make the album. I am planning on taking pictures of the painting, closing, moving, and a few pictures of when we are all moved in. Maybe the last picture will be from our first Christmas. I am so excited to scrapbook this next HUGE step in our lives.

Given that everything is going to happen so quickly, my posts might be a bit more scattered. I will do my best to keep on top of it and find things to show on the blog, pictures and a few videos. Just don't give up on my blog because I plan to show the mini album being made in its entirety in MY NEW SCRAPROOM!! Yes, our house has 4 bedrooms and with no little ones yet, I will have my very own scraproom...a whole room! I am beyond excited and can't wait to share this large new step with all of you!

Any advice for scraproom colors, ideas, housing tips, moving tips, realy anything that could help me feel free to share!?!?!


  1. how xciting!!!!!!!! yay! what a bday present!! I hope all goes well!! and what a great idea with the $ house album!!

  2. thanks!! Thats exactly what i was trying to get at..... is that even if your a new scrapper or a experienced (im in between lol) you don't have to spend a ton of time or like you said all your tools. thanks again!! I love your blog!!!

  3. Amy, I am so excited for you! I wish I had detailed my experience as well as you sound like you are doing! You will enjoy it for years to come! A new scrap room! Now I really know you are excited! I have been working on a Thank You package for the blog support, which will be in the mail by the end of the week. I am loving the videos by the way!
    Colors, decor, storage, etc. I have gone from a corner in the dining room to a long narrow small storage room as a craft space to a larger, but small, craft room with two work tables. My biggest advice is to first, decide how you craft. When working on a project do you work by color, manufacturer, or design/theme. Organize your supplies accordingly. Next, decide how you want everything organized. For example, buttons and embellishments, do you want them in jars, fishing tackle boxes, etc. What about ribbon, stickers, paper, etc. But you have to decide how you use these things and where is the most accessible location for you in the room. The reason I give this advice is that the first two craft spaces I did not have a plan. Buttons were here, paper over there, ribbon over there. The items were not in logical places, just stored anywhere. Finally, as you move the items into the new space, put them where you think they will live. You will reorganize later when you really see how you work in your space, but put them away. I made the mistake of moving everything into my space without putting them where they will live. It has left me with extra work. Colors, either go with something neutral to add pizazz with your embellishments and paper, or go with a color that will inspire you. No matter what you do you will love it and eventually will want to change it. Here is the most beautiful space I have ever seen; I wish I had the space and the money to do it! God bless.

  4. AMY!! YEAH!! CONGRATS!! OMG I'M SO SUPER THRILLED FOR YOU!! I can see how excited you are and WITH GREAT REASON!! HEEE may your first house be everything super great and perfect for you and your family :)
    and I LOVE LOVE HOW YOU TOOK picts all the way through the process!! ALL I CAN SAY -- YOU GO GIRL!! I'M WITH YOU... I think its a great idea!! and I too have that 1$HOUSE MINI CHIPBOARD FROM MICHAELS!!
    no worries on keepin your blog updated.. but leave a quick 'i'm here and doing great' every once in a while!! :) hee
    with a grin,

  5. Thank you everyone! I really appreciate your well wishes! I am beyond excited. Our parents went through the house for the first time yesterday and they all love it. The inspection is tomorrow so we both still have nervious engery waiting to hear whether the house is sound. We don't excpet any problems but you never really know. After that, I will feel so much better and start PACKING! yuck but exciting! Finn, our cat, has no idea what is in store for him. He has only ever lived in apartments and I can't wait to see him tackle stairs and so many rooms! I will definitely film him seeing the new place and post it. Wait till he sees our new scrap room! Leslie, thanks for the tips. I will keep all that in mind when I design my space. Tiffany, I will really need to remember your ideas of simplicity and using a $7 paper pack to make a layout when I am house poor and my husband won't let me within 3 miles of a craft store! Stephanie, as always your excitement gets me even more excited! Thank you for the support!