Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Still Here!

Yes, I am still here! I have been super busy! We have gone through the home inspection and are nearing the closing date! OMG! It's all happening! We have started packing and putting items toward a yard sale. My scrap area has been taken over with boxes and bags making it hard for me to create! However I have been working on a small mini album for one of my friends who is going through tough times right now. I wanted to cheer her up and thought a mini might do it! I am almost done it and will film a video on that soon (a day or two).

I am planning on making "We've Moved!" cards at my scrap club this month and will show you those when I am done also. I am trying to keep up with the blog during this stressful and busy time so please keep coming back! I will do my best to have at least 1 video a week!

****ALSO CHECK OUT BLOG CANDY ON STEPHANIE'S BLOG @ withagrin.blogspot.com!!! She is giving away the cutest paper bag mini album that she made! Super Cute!!!******

Any suggestions for packing scrap supplies so they don't get damaged or lost?

Any ideas for "We've Moved" cards????



  1. I'm still here too! At least you have posted several times since I have! I am trying to update everything on my website, blog, and get some organization done, all while I got the kids shopping done last week and they got off to school yesterday. Oh, and my Stampin Up! order came in, not just the starter kit, but the big add on I got. I am soo excited to get started, but can't even get to my table right now. I am also making signs for the doors of the teachers at the elementary school on top of everything!
    Believe me, I know what you mean about being boxed in and busy.
    I saw a cute "moved" card somewhere. It should be in my favs, I'll find it and send it to you. That's another thing I am behind on, adding things to my create journal.
    Yikes. Why am I here instead of working. Ok, Ok, I'm going.

  2. Ok. Just for you I will make a blog entry with the cards I found. They were on SplitcoastStampers.com It is free to register and they have a HUGE gallery and tons of techniques, plus message boards. I'll post the pics tomorrow night. Congrats again on the house!

  3. Thank you so much Leslie! You are so great! I would love the info! I will check out your blog but don't rush on my account! Thanks for being a great blog buddy!

  4. I posted. So you can check it out. I also wanted to mention that I don't know how many people you are sending we've moved cards to, but those coasters would be cute pointed off at the top then decorated with the new addy on the back! Also, I thought of this one at random when I was saying "change of address"; it came out "change of a dress" so you could do a play on words and put a dress on the card. I know, too silly. But the coaster idea is cute for sure! You just give it the Amy touch. I have 40 of those rectangle coasters. I got them at stamponthis.com for $13.00, but they lowered the price to $8.50 and they have no minimum order-- that is if the bar you go to cuts you off. LOL Happy stamping

  5. You are amazing Leslie! Thank you for the suggestion! I am thinking of doing your suggestion for our closest friends and family and then something a bit easier for everyone else on my Christmas card list. A seriously great Idea! The change od a dress is ADORABLE!! I think I may use that for everyone else, too cute! Thank you again! I am off to check out your post!