Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cheer Up Mini Album!!

I am really happy with this album. I was inspired in a different way this time. My good friend is going through a tough time right now. Her dad is really sick and she is at the hospital a lot. I had asked a few times if there was anything I could do to help. Nothing was the reply. I really wanted to do something for her and her family and a thinking of you card was just not enough. So I turned to scrapbooking and I decided I would send them a smile.

That was the inspiration. If I get one smile on her face it will be well worth the time, which is very short these days with the house stuff. I wanted the theme to be family but cheerful! I wanted bright colors, words of family, love and home. Her husband is a photographer so he can provide beautiful pictures and while she is at the hospital she can fill in the journaling with her mom. It will give them something else to do and maybe cheer them up a bit.

I used the DCWV Citrus Matstack and coasters from a bar.

Let me know what you think and any suggestions regarding future ribbon/fiber choices.


  1. Hi Amy! Great video. I can't imagine that you struggle with fibers when your scrapbook is filled with all sorts of embellishments and colors! But here is the guide I always go by, just in case it helps you.
    The colors I pull from my project, like you could use green, blue, red (or was it pink) cream, yellow, etc. I get one med size ribbon (like another piece of that green ribbon you have tying in your frame accordian album), one or two thin ribbons (1/8" or so), and then a fluffy yarn (and sometimes another yarn). I tie the med ribbon on in a knot, then I tie a yarn and a small ribbon together in a knot, then I repeat it for remaining ribbon or yarn. I leave enough hanging to go the length of the album project. Sometimes I tie on a charm or stick two stickers back to back with a thin ribbon or yarn between them. I have seen some people tie several fibers along up and down a fiber by knotting them both. I have never done that.
    If I am doing something simple, which happens a lot at times when I am timid about my work (hint: probably why I procrastinate about putting photos on my blog of my work), anyway I would do three pieces of ribbon med size (maybe a small one or two) that match and tie them in a knot and only leave about 2" hanging.
    Try something and show it. I am sure that what you think doesn't look good actually does!

  2. Thank you so miuch for the help! I swear I am not making it up. I have ribbon and fiber brain cramps. I end up trying a few and they look aweful and I cut them all off. I will try your formula and show the results on my next mini! Thank you and don't be afraid to show your work. 1) I am sure it is beautiful and remember you are always your worst critic. I would love to see what you create especially because you help me out so much. I would like to see it in action!

  3. AMY!! OMG YOU ARE A GREAT FRIEND!!! :) AND SOO TALENTED TOO!! Hee those were coasters!!! wow!! super idea and look how beautiful you turned it into a super cute mini!!! I'm sure she'll love it... and you know its gifts like these that help us get through tough times! Amy your awesome.. good person!!
    thanks for posting a video!!! I was so excited to see you finished it!!!
    with a grin,