Monday, August 24, 2009

I Love Peachy Cheap!!

I admit it! I just received my package from Peachy Cheap and I am so excited! I ordered the Grab bag for $10. Check out what I got. Make sure to check them out. It is part of my daily routine. They are fabulous! Love them!



  1. hi amy!!! I'm so jealous!! wish I had seen this great deal sooner - I know what it's like to have to save save save as I am getting married in a few mths and I am trying so hard but this scrapbooking hobby is so darn addictive that I am finding nearly impossible to save!!! lol....just had to leave a comment to tell you I feel your pain!!
    many hugs

  2. omg!! Nice grab bag!! i got some super cute stuff too!!!I check it at 11pm every night just in case there is something i have to have!!!! like the grab bag i ordered it at 11 pm haha!!! when i woke up the next morning i checked and they were already sold out!! so im glad i checked!! way good deal!!

  3. You got some great stuff! Those AC rub-ons will be great for cards & I love those MME titles!

  4. Aren't you the lucky one! Awesome grab.