Sunday, August 30, 2009

On the Move

OK, here is probably the last video for a while. I wanted to share the cards I made at crop club this month. I had a lot of fun making them and would love to know what you think. I think I might add some yellow stickles for the rays of the sun. I refuse to finish them and send them out until I have the keys to the new house in my hands!

I have packed up my whole scrap space (So sad!) and have to take a break on the blog front for a while. I have to finish packing, move, and set up My NEW Scrap room!!! I plan to return with a bang though! I will film a video in my new scrap room on September 13th! Why that date you ask? Well, that is when I will share my Tim Holtz experience! I can't wait and will see you then! I'll miss you and you never know I might still post something if I have time. Maybe I'll have time to share what I received from the color swap!

See you soon! I'll miss you! Look out for me though b/c if I have a free minute I will be checking out all of your websites. i am currently obsessed with the Life on the Scrap Beach community! Check out the link on the right side of my blog to join in on the fun!



  1. First of all, I love the cards. Super cute! Second, happy birthday tomorrow. My oldest daughter's was today. Both my daughters have had swine flu this past week. They are better, but it has been rough with all the make up work and being sick too. I hope you take plenty of notes and pictures at the Tim holtz event. I will be living vicariously through you! Also, I came across a thank you note and gift that I never mailed out to you. I was getting it all together and it must have gotten put to the side under something when I was trying to organize. It will be mailed this week! Maybe it will give you a smile while you can't do any crafting. I can't wait to see pictures of the house! Also, you will have to email me, since you won't be blogging, after our show tomorrow night. I won't get to watch it until Tuesday (we use a digital video recorder- TIVO like thing). With homework and everything else, we don't ever get to watch live television anymore. Send me a line... (It's the email I check all the time.)
    Congratulations and have a great birthday!

  2. Thank you for the birthday wishes! It is a big day! I am currently distracting myself while waiting for the house closing. I can't wait till Tim Holtz! I am sure I will have an aching for creatin! I can't wait to get your thank you! The things we find when we clean! You should see the treasures I have found in the move! I tivo things too so I will e-mail you tomorrow and we can dish about everyone at Kappa Tao! Thanks again for checking in and for thinking of me!