Thursday, August 27, 2009

Color swap

This month at my Cabana Crop club we had a color swap. I had never heard of such a thing but I had a blast making my swap. Check out the video to see both my swap and my mother's swap. There is a cameo by Finn as well! Enjoy!

What might you do for a color swap??


  1. Awww... Finn was so cute in his cameo. I do think he chased the moth in the hopes you would record that too...He is a star, you know.
    The color swap sounds fun. I can't wait until you get all your swap stuff in and share it with us. Very nice rolling stamps your mom found. Great deal! Love the fibers and things you chose for your bag too!
    I had an idea while watching your video... you could pop off one of those punctuations from the clip and use it as a flower center, top off a brad, or as PUNCTUATION for a title! Now I really want some! Have fun.

  2. Those are awesome ideas I will have to steal for the paper clips! I will film what we received from the other ladies. It was so much fun to get a bag with a bunch of different colored embellies and such! Everyone did a great job!
    Yes, Finn is a star. He loves bugs and birds. He is an indoor kitty so if something finds its way inside all bets are off and he goes NUTS! So cute to see his animal instincts when he hunts.