Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall TV is Back Baby!

Yeah! I am very excited! My Tivo is working overtime this week as all the new shows are premiring! I am most excited to see House as a patient, the Big Bang Theory, I miss Sheldon so much! I can't wait to see the opening "Super Intense" line delivered by Horatio on CSI: Miami, I am all ready to "Suit up" with Barney on How I met your Mother. As you can tell, I have been waiting for this all summer! Sad but true!

If anyone wants to now when their favorite tv shows are premiring or you just want to chat about what's going on this season...let me know! I am know by my family as a walking tv guide.

Don't judge!


  1. Lol i feel the same way, I am sooo excited during this time of the year for the same reason....Can't wait for House tonight 2 hrs heck yes....

  2. Judge??? Girl I am in TV-aholics anonymous with you!! Oops, we're not so anonymous anymore. Oh well, I have waited for this week for so long. I'm so excited! So many things to find out on so many shows! Good watching!!

  3. heheheh HI JUST STOPPING BY!! I'M FEELING BETTER!! :) so I"m blog hopping !! AMY .--- your a tv gal too!! ta-hee!! :) well then WELCOME BACK TO THE TV SEASON! HAVE FUN!!:)

    with a grin,