Monday, February 7, 2011

My Dad Rocks!

So, I know I have been MIA lately but for good reason. I got a new job! I have been crazy busy working two jobs and searching for a new one. It takes so much time to apply and follow up, interview etc. Worth it though! I have a new job and I am beyond excited and proud of myself. So now I can devote a bit more time to crafting and blogging!

I want to start by sharing one of my favorite Christmas presents with all of you. I have been struggling for what seems like forever to find a great ink storage solution. I had been using the Tim Holtz large metal ink case. However the minute I tried to make it cuter with fragments - it broke! Boo!

My dad decided to make me an ink solution for Christmas. I gave him the dimensions of my inks and how many slots I would need. He built me the best thing ever! It holds all of my inks and then some. I have a few inks that I never use but they are in there for now until I get a new ink to replace them with. So it rocks to have all of my inks right in front of me at all times. The best part though is the blocks. Blocks?? Yes, blocks! My dad is a genius and also a bit like Monk. He wanted all of my inks to be hanging over the edge by the same amount. He made blocks so my distress inks won't slide too far back, making it hard to grab. Then he made even bigger blocks for my small Stampin up spots and chalk cat eyes. Is that smart or what???

Check out the video below where I go through it and show how I store them. Thank you dad, you are the best!!!


  1. That is the best solution possible... you're right your dad does Rock!!

  2. Wow! What a nice dad! When he's ready to retire from his regular job & start making these full time, give him my number ~ lol!