Sunday, October 16, 2011

Do you remember me???

Hi everyone! I know, I know - I have been gone for quite some time now. Though, I have no excuse, I will try to explain. I have been overwhelmed by the new life changes that have happened to me this year. I started a new job in March and found out I was pregnant on April Fool's day! I was shocked as you can imagine. Excited but shocked! Needless to say I have been tired and worn out and not crafting that much. I also lost my craft room to the baby room,. Packing up all of my stuff into boxes messed with my creativity. I am now sharing the office with my husband. So far it is working out fine. I told him we should get a partner's desk, but I think that was pushing it, I mean I have already taken over the entire closet. Only downside so far, I no longer have a TV in my craft space. You can tell by the name of my blog that I love to watch TV while I craft. but I am making it work. I will make a video of my new space soon.

Speaking of my hubby, he yelled at me today when he found out I have been neglecting you so here I am! I have been doing a few projects for the baby so I will begin to share those with you now.

We are having a little girl. We don't have a name yet so don't ask! LOL! My hubby was concerned that we were only going to get baby clothes sized for a newborn. We was worried that out darling baby girl would be naked once she turned 6 months old. To ease his fears I decided I wanted the closet separators for each clothes size. I saw them at the baby store but they were so generic and boring. Enter my google search for homemade closet dividers. I found some made online by a fellow crafter. See my inspiration HERE!

Are those not adorable??? I loved them - only one problem. They were for a little boy. I knew for mine, I wanted to use the Graphic 45 Once upon a Springtime collection. I had been saving it until I go pregnant someday - who knew it would be so soon! Thanks goodness I am having a girl because this would not have been a manly collection to use for a baby boy!

I embellished with recollection flowers, E-line pearls, ribbon and more. I hope you like them. Easy to make, fast and pretty inexpensive. These would be a great gift for a baby shower!

So, I am back! I am sorry I deserted you, it was't intentional, life just got crazy! I will try to post at least twice a month, hopefully more often! I am due in 7 weeks and have a few projects I need to complete before the baby takes over our lives. I promise share them all with you!


  1. they are beautiful and congratulations on your pregnancy of a lil girl so exciting!