Friday, April 23, 2010

Where have I been???

Well, I can't believe how long since my last post! I feel like such a bad blogger! I have been super busy. I have been planning and creating for the classes I will be teaching - secret stuff for now. So I haven't been able to share that with you...yet. It is my first time teaching a scrap class and it is challenging to make sure the project rocks, is within the price point, able to be completed within the time slot and did I mention it needs to ROCK! I am trying really hard to maximize my materials so people get the most for their money and walk away with something spectacular. This requires a balance of online and LSS shopping. Anyway, that's whats been eating up my scrap time.

As for the other time sucks in my life right now - job search, substitute teaching on my day off, work is picking up (finally!), tv and my hubby!

My current tv obsessions are as follows:

~Glee - OMG I love this show!

~LOST - final season is supposed to be answering questions and I have more than ever! So frustrating and addicting! Love it!

~The Mentalist - Patrick Jane is just so sexy to me - don't ask me why, it is mystery to me too! - just is. My hubby loves making fun of how I get a smile every time it comes on.

~Greys and Private Practice - I m really loving the story lines this season for both shows. So glad Izzy is gone!!! YAY!

Anyway, I am so sorry I have been MIA lately! I will try to do better with the posting. I usually don't like to post without a video but with time flying - it is a necessary evil! Don't give up on me! I am still here.

UPDATE: I am still doing the grungeboard series - I am waiting patiently for the new Tim Holtz texture fades. Once I have them in hand, we will begin! I have been planning that too and you will LOVE it! Trust me!!! Thank you all for being patient!!!


  1. wouldnt it be nice to just have all day to scrapbook lol. i wish!!! haha. I looove Glee right now!! greys and private practice are my faves too but i'm kinda mad that it hasnt been on much lately its like every other week its a new episode!!!

  2. Lol I looooove The Mentalist too :o) Have you seen him in The Guardian? He looked so young lol. Omg just googled him coz I couldn't remember the shows name and realised he was in 2 programmes I used to watch when I was younger!! Heartbreak High and Home and Away!!! I probably saw him years ago lol!! Didn't realsie he was Australian either...

    Good luck with the classes, I'm sure they all love it :o) xx

  3. Have been missing you! Sounds like you are swamped!! Your project will ROCK!! There is no way that it wouldn't with your talent! Seriously!
    Loving TV now too! Sick of GA/PP being one this week and not the next. LOVE Parenthood. LOVE House! LOVE Mentalist too! I think he is so cute too! Then when I heard him on some talk show speaking in an Australian accent, I melted!!
    Just between me and you, I think House is sexy in a way too! For some reason. Especially when he smiles.