Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My first Scrapbooking class!!!

I did it! I had my first Scrapbook class. I taught Technique Tags. I had 10 people sign up. It was a great group of ladies and if you are popping in...Thank you all so much for a great night!

I have to say everything went great! Everyone finished, on time - it was fun and I think everyone learned something! Yes, it was a great night until...the Bechard Luck strikes again! Even though I am now married and have a new last name the Bechard luck follows me anyway! Listen to my story...

I am on the way to the class and decided to stop and get an iced cafe mocha from Starbucks. I get in the car and take a drink, yum! Oops the cap is a bit loose, OK 1 drip on the shirt. i will just clean it when I get there. No biggie. I get there and in the parking lot I put my contacts in and drop contact solution all over my car. Then I get out of the car only to discover what I thought was a small drip was in fact a HUGE stain all over my shirt! Fabulous! Just what a girl needs when she is teaching her first class! Thank goodness they sell t-shirts there! Crisis averted right??? Nope. Oh, it gets better ladies!

I am teaching my class and all is going great, I decide to show how to make homemade glimmermist using Distress re-inkers, water and perfect pearls. I demonstrate how to do it then I get asked a question about the type of ink, go to grab the ink bottle and...Bechard Luck!!! It drops and spills in the middle of the carpet! Spiced Marmalade Re-inker all over the carpet! I am mortified! It is one of those moments in movies that happen in slow motion and you can't stop them. We get the cleaner and do as much as we can to get the ink up (thank god my mom was taking my class! Built in helper!). we get a lot of it up but there is more to do. I am going to try and hit with a steam cleaner and see what I can do. If anyone has any tips to get this dye based ink off a carpet - please share!!!

I really makes me mad though because other than that horrible, want to crawl in a hole and die moment, it really did go great! I would have called it a complete success but the stupid Bechard Luck mixed with my clumsy day, just couldn't give me that moment! Really! Seriously, did that really just happen!!!

I can only hope that Camille does not vote me off the Scrapbook Island forever and forgives a clumsy girl like me! I know I will be getting some MAJOR crap at my Monthly Scrap Club in June! Looking forward to that!

So thank you to anyone who attended my class, thank you to Camille and Ashley for being so nice and understanding and to all my bloggers for stopping by to read of my humiliation! Love ya all!


  1. Heh Amy, Bechard Luck? WIUWT? You are now a Versprille, so . . . that was Versprille luck, my deary. Leave us Bechards out of your problems . . . we have enough of our own. Technically, spills have nothing to do with luck. Gravity works in strange ways . . . wait till you get my age.
    Anyway, look on the bright side, you just gave ten woman a funny story to share today, tomorrow and in the future. I just hope people will enter your future classes to learn something and not attend for the entertainment.


    P.S. You should've taken me up on the TA offer.

  2. LOL....Next class will be better...

  3. Hey Amy;
    You did have a great class ,it was also alot of fun and you taught some great techniques. I am your biggest fan!(and not just because your my daughter)
    Love Mom