Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Halloween Painter's Tray kit

I am beyond excited to share this kit with all of you! They are available on my Esty Site HERE. I am so thrilled with how it came out. I bought these 7 Gypsies trays a while ago with the intention of teaching classes monthly at my LSS. These trays are great but I have only seen them decorated for one particular occasion. I thought to myself, "What a waste!" I want mine out all the time not just for Halloween, Christmas, or spring. A light bulb went off and I decided to make these kits removable so you could get the most out of this gorgeous decor item. I thought of kits for birthdays, baby girl, baby boy, Spring, vintage, grungy, pets, holidays, really the possibilities are endless! How great would it be to get a quick and simple kit once a month or so and re-vamp your decor? After I had this all planned - my LSS went out of business. I was so bummed out because I was psyched about this idea.

So here I am trying to do the same thing through my blog. I thought Halloween was a great place to start. Everyone loves to decorate for Halloween! I fell in love with the Booville line of papers from Little Yellow Bicycle. Here are the kits!

What I made:

The tray

The Embellishments

The Papers

Super Cute right? I thought I would offer the trays in the first round. After this - the kits will be less expensive because you won't have to get the tray - you will already have them! If you need a tray after this I can get them but it might take a bit longer to get your kit. I would love to hear your thoughts regarding themes you would be interested in, paper lines, any suggestions are welcomed. This is just the beginning! Fun!


  1. Absolutely adorable - I love the idea of keeping the tray and changing out the paper!

  2. Great idea Amy! I already have the tray so when you offer just the paper kit I'm definitely gonna check it out! :)