Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some Cool Updates!

Sometimes it's cool to be blogger! So, a few weeks ago, I wrote a blogpost about the Season Premiere of Parenthood on NBC. Not long after that, I got an e-mail from a person who was involved with the Parenthood Soundtrack CD. He asked if I would post the press release and picture on my blog to help promote it, which I did. I mean how cool is it to be recognized as a TV crazy! In return he sent me a copy of the Soundtrack cd! I was so surprised and overjoyed. It's pretty cool to think that my tiny scrapbooking blog made a blip in the NBC world. It has always been sort of a dream of mine to be involved in the television industry in some way, so this was big for me!

By the way, I am loving the Parenthood season so far. Funny and real. Love it! The soundtrack ROCKS! I love that it is mellow and fun. Great to put on in the background while eating dinner. I recommend!

In other news, I have updated the Halloween kits on My Etsy site. I have added options for the photo tray kits. You can now purchase the Halloween kits separately (no tray included) for $25.00 + shipping. You can purchase the Photo trays alone for $19.95 + Shipping. Or you can purchase the All inclusive kits for a reduced amount of $40.00 + shipping. I thought it would give you more options! Also, if you don't like Paypal or Esty - you can always e-mail me with your interest and we can work out payment. The materials are all ready to ship so you will get them in time to decorate for Halloween!

My life updates: Enjoying TV, starting a Home Improvement project (Walk-in Closet), Started a diet and working out (2 days in and SORE!), and of course counting down the days till my Tim Holtz class! (26 days). Other than that - getting ready to start Christmas cards and gifts! Lots of crafting in my future! Which reminds me, I have to get hubby to hook up the cable in my scrap studio.

Sorry for the babbling today! More videos and projects coming soon!

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  1. Congratulations Amy! That's so cool that your blog was recognized that way...and a bonus CD! What fun! Sounds like you've got lots going on! Enjoy!...Nancy :o)