Wednesday, October 13, 2010

TV Time

It's TV Time! If you watch Jersey shore, you will know I am substituting T-shirt time with TV time! LOL! If you don't watch Jersey Shore - don't start - it sucks you in like a Dyson Power Vacuum. Next thing you know you are using terms like Smush. Anyway, since it has been a few weeks of new TV, I thought it was time for a weigh in Wednesday. I am "weighing in" on the shows I watch.

House ~ I have to say I am LOVING House in a relationship. I think it was super smart to add this twist. After a few seasons things can get stale but this story line in feeding my TV soul! I love to see a softer caring side and it is mixing quite well with his manipulating side perfectly. Note to mention the addition of seeing him interacting with a little girl - priceless! I was seriously cracking up this Monday! Snaps to the Writers!

Chuck ~ The Morgan / Casey moments are my favorite of the show! I love them! Hubby and I love watching this show together. It has a great balance of the things guys and girls look for in a TV program.

Mike & Molly - I really think this show is sweet. I love the characters!

Glee - I love this show. The Britney episode was great. I love everything but I need more Sue Sylvester. She makes this show great and she has been MIA lately. I was happy to see her in the promo for next week. I am also psyched to see Rocky Horror Picture show on Glee!!! YAY!

Parenthood - always entertains. I love that this show is pretty real. There are awkward moments and fights that aren't overly dramatic. It keeps it real and I keep watching. I just love it more each week.

So Wednesday holds a few new shows that I have been trying.
Law & Order: LA ~ Not too impressed so far but still watching. Jury is still out.
The Defenders ~ I tried this show and have now stopped watching. i just never chose it from the other options on my Tivo lineup. After accumulating 3 unwatched episodes - I made the executive decision to give it the axe. Oh, well!

The whole truth - I am really enjoying this show so far. I like how when each side makes their case you believe both. They are doing a great job of keeping the secret of who did it until the snipit at the end. I like the dynamic between the lawyers of friendly war. Fun so far. Give it a try if you haven't - it is good!

Always my favorite day of the TV week. Ever since the days of Friends - Thursday is must watch TV!
Bones - Love this show - don't like Sealy's new girlfriend but it makes for interesting TV.
Grey's Anatomy - I am really enjoying this season. I was worried after the explosive finale of last season that they would either just jump into something new or not be able to top themselves. I like how they are showing that a mass murder in a hospital would not be water under the bridge in 2 episodes. They are giving the characters "real" reactions and problems stemming from that extreme situation. I am just really enjoying watching.
The mentalist - Love Patrick Jane - still puts a smile on my face.
Private Practice - I am enjoying this too

SUNDAY - I am back on board with Desperate Housewives. I like the direction it is going so far. the Gaby daughter storyline is great with lots of potential.

So, what are your thoughts on the seasons so far? What is you favorite new show?

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  1. You already know how much I heart Parenthood, Chuck and Bones, but my other favorites include Biggest Loser and Big Bang Theory.