Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mini Haul!

Hey everyone! I went to Jo-Ann fabric store and got a few things and thoguht I would film a mini haul! I got a great deal on sticky strip from Jody @ thanks to Bona's recommendation. Thanks Bona! Jody is a great seller! Shipping was only $5 and shipped out super fast! Great deal!!!

Anyway, enjoy and I can't wait to show you what I plan to cut with my new blade!


  1. I have the deep cut blade too! When you use it, let me know the depth and speed you used to cut chipboard, etc. I'm scared to use mine. Also, I LOVE the picket fences! Add a black cat and you have a Halloween spooky fence! I have used it a lot. It really works great as a primer/sealant before you paint. It is also a great top coat, but just remember that it tends to yellow over time. My advice for using it with paper or cardstock is to use a VERY thin layer on the project, add the paper or cardstock, then add a second thin layer over the top. It will dry pretty quick (especially with a heat gun) and you can put more coats over the top. "Gel Medium" in the art supply section is less expensive and works exactly the same, but will not yellow over time. The biggest mistake you can make with it is putting too much on (like you would be able to see the white of the glue) and then the paper will try to buckle. Of course, even if that happens, you can press it as it is drying with your finger or bone folder. It is really forgiving and can be a gret glue for everything under the sun!! Hope things work out for your scrap room color!! Have fun at the Open House!