Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stampin Up Haul

Hi everyone! I have a haul from, Staples and Stampin Up! I am so excited about these purchases! I can't wait to use them!

This is my last haul of the year! I am officially on a buying freeze until 2010. Of course I will show you what I receive from the Beach buy Jenn is hosting and any Christmas presents I receive.

I am busy creating my Christmas tags, Christmas cards, Christmas gifts, Christmas minis...There aren't enough hours!

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  1. Glad your order got to you ok! Yep! Keep the chipboard AND the instruction sheet for a shim. Sometimes you need something thicker and sometimes not quite that thick. I have used both depending on the paper used. :) Can't wait to see your idea for the sweet treat cups! I want the round tab punch so badly! Maybe for my birthday in January!
    Also, cut each of the butterflies out and use that blur painter's tape to stick them to your wall (I LOVE that green by the way. It is my favorite color!!) That way you can lay them out, move them around, and get them exactly like you want and then start applying them!
    Also, save the brown packing paper to use as gift wrap. I spread mine out flat, stamped some images on it (baroque motifs), then I rubbed my ink pad directly onto the paper hitting the high points. The texture it created was really nice. It really looked great. I did mine in a neutral type style so I could add a red or gold bow for Christmas and then a primary color ribbon for other times of the year. I just loosely rolled it up and stuck it in the corner of my closet. Since it was wadded up to begin with, it doesn't matter if it gets bent, wrinkled, etc. I love it!
    I knew you liked to make your own wrapping paper too.
    Maybe someday I will update my blog and get that and the other things I have been making posted too. I am so far behind it is sad!!