Monday, February 22, 2010

My Craft Room - **UPDATED**

Finally! My craft room is organized, my butterflies are up on the wall, Finn is behaving (well, sort of) and I have time during the day.......VIDEO!!!

I take you through my new room. Some things, you have seen before, some are new. I need to thank all the ladies out there who helped me find solutions to storage and organization problems. As you all know, scrapping is the best hobby EVER but boy does it take a lot of stuff!!! Finding a way to organize it so it works for you can take years. I am always tweaking my room and love organizing and cleaning it! (The only room I LOVE to clean! LOL) I am pretty happy with the state of things right now and will probably be content for a week or so before I change something else.

I hope you find something in these videos that helps you. I am sorry it is so long - I either have too much stuff, talk to much or have poor time management. If you make it all the way through - I commend you and thank you for listening to me babble for so long. You rock!

Also, Sorry about the B_____ Bubbly swear word but I just love that bottle so much and had to include it in the tour! Cute and Sassy just like me plus it has stickles all over it!! The bubbly bottle is from a pink champagne my sister-in-law brought over for New Year's this year. So fun!

Thanks for watching!

1 comment:

  1. Things I LOVE:
    (1)the color of your walls!
    (2)the butterflies!
    (3)the mini album stand in the corner! It's functional and decorative!!
    (4)the prima glass containers--super cute!
    (5)the Strawberry Shortcake lunch pail!
    (6)the DVD player! I need one!
    (7)the printer!! still I am jealous!!
    (8)the desk/storage unit you have that holds the crates of small paper, extra adhesives, and vintage findings. I would love one of those! It would store more than my door on a filing cabinet does!
    (9)those knife, fork, and spoon brads!! I am making a recipe book with my great-grand and grandmother's recipes in it. These would be darling as embellishments! Where did you get them? TOO cute!
    (10)the button organization! I have mine in old jars to be decoration, but I love yours being so easy to get to. I pour out over half of mine to get to one button.
    (11)the fibers butterfly bin. Still love that! Functional but decorative!
    (12)the Pier 1 chest!! I am dying for it! I want one to put in my wood pieces that I use sometimes!
    (13)the spice jars for the paper clips! I have wanted some of them for a long time, but keep forgetting to buy them!
    (14)the magnifying glass! I would use it over some element just like you did the glass bead charm on that LOVE charm for the swap. It will magnify the element and create a focal point! So cute!
    (15)those little tiny bottles in your charms box. I think they would be so cute with a "letter" in them for a mini album about the beach, love, etc. How to attach it, I am not so sure.
    (16)the word charms! I have them too! Haven't done anything with them though.
    (17)The fragments! I have them too! Would you show one day how you use those in a project?
    (18)the bin where you have the CD case stamps and the Sizzix dies!! Super cute! I have to come up with a new way to organize my dies, etc. I have seen some people use one of those Memory Makers cabinets that are for paints and ribbon, etc. But they fit the dies (even the BIGZ XL dies that are super long)!! I might have to put that on my wish list. But I still want that basket/bin like you have!!
    (19)I even love that you are still p*$$*d off about those texture plates!! I wish I had a cuttlebug so I could play with it to figure out the sandwich for you!

    I am going to have a video soon (next week maybe) where I show how to make your own texture plate or embossing folder using die cuts!! You'll have to check it out!

    (20)Most of all, I love that you have things stored here and there, just like me. My room is smaller and I have more stuff, but it is nice to know that someone else has boxes and bags hidden under tables and cabinets!

    Thanks for sharing! I know that I am going to have to get those butterflies for sure now, plus see if I can find one of those old office cabinets!! Ok. I just added about 5 things to my wish list just from your video!!