Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Calling all Pirates! Here is a project I recently completed. Hubby and I babysat my nephews this weekend. Nate is 5yrs old and Evan is 3. I was looking for things to do with them besides play cars ALL DAY! LOL! I decided to search "Things to do with kids ages 3-5" on the Internet. One of the sites said to do a treasure hunt and make a treasure map. I decided to give it a try. I took a piece of cheap white cardstock 12" x 12". Laid out my parents' house and figured out where I wanted to hide the treasure and worked backwards. I made keys out of grungeboard and flags with a pirate stamp. I had so much fun making these maps and decorating them. I even tea dyed them! I think they turned out great and since I covered them with multi-medium (mod podge would work too), they will last a while and they can keep them. They each had a look out telescope, compass and an eye patch. They looked adorable! Check out the pictures below!

The treasure hunt went great. They both love singing the pirate song (yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me!). I think Arg is one of their favorite new words. I was their guide - reading the map. Hubby was the gatekeeper of the treasure. They had a ball and it provided a solid 45min of activity. Add to that the pirate themed play after that and we had a day full of adventure. They packed up the ship for a long journey, they played captain and first mate games, they locked my hubby in the dungeon and he tried to escape. Hubby was great with them. I love seeing him interact with kids. So cute!

Anyway, this was a fun activity, I got to play with my scrap supplies in a new way and above all...I am a cool Aunt (or at least my nephews think so!) Love them!

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