Tuesday, July 7, 2009

3D Circle card Parts 2 & 3

Here I finish up the card and the decorating, as well as show the completed project. I get a little repetetive from time to time but that's just how the editing worked out! Sorry! I think it came out great and I can't wait to see my nephew's face when he sees how it opens. I know he will love to have it sitting in his room.

I had so much fun with this card. I can't get over how different and fun it is. Also now that I have made it twice I have worked out a few kinks and could probably make it much better and faster next time. I know I will use this style for many different occasions and styles. Post a comment telling me what you think or try it out yourself post pictures and link to them here! Thanks for watching!



  1. Amy .. your video is great! loved watching it.. so much fun the circle mini!! so super cute!!
    with a grin,

  2. Thank you Stephanie! Thank you for watching!

  3. Great job! I really like this card. Your videos are awesome! Thank you for the great explanations too!

  4. Great job!
    This likes it could be a fun card for Emma when she gets a little bit older, maybe a princess theme?
    The glitter card stock was really a flopportunity-I have ALOT of glitter glue left over from when my kids where younger and I love the look of some of the expensive glitter paper, so I simply "covered" the card stock then took an old starbuck coffee gift cards and smoothed it out, it was messy but in the end I got Kraft colored gold glitter paper!!
    After years of scouts and crafting myself and with the kids (who are now 23 & 28) I have lots of left over "stuff" and with everyone else I'm stretching the penny until it squeals - so they say necessacity is the mother of invention - Wahlaa, homemade glitter paper!!
    Keep on creating, I love the stuff you create and I enjoy learning from your process...TFS!

  5. how about, "looks like"...my bad

  6. Leslie - I am so glad you liked it! Jill - Thanks so much for your explanation - I love glitter paper! So funny to see "my process" - Do you mean chaotic, messy and flumsy? Yes, I can see how that would help you see what NOT to do! JK! I am glad you are enjoying!