Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How are you appreciated?

I was asked how my family liked the "Car" mini album and I thought it was a great opportunity to share one of the reasons I scrapbook. I love to make others happy. I have always enjoyed gift giving. I do my best to find a great gift that others wouldn't think of and that the recipient will really love. Scrapbooking and crafts in general have helped me do that because the people my life really seem to appreciate the time and work I put into these projects. Here is one of the BEST Thank you's I have received. It was from my sister-in-law, Patty, for the mini album I gave my nephew. It is a great thank you not only because she thought I did a nice job but because she wants to keep it as a memory of Evan's interests at the age of 2. Here is an excerpt from her thank you. You'll see what I mean.

'My favorite gifts though, are the room sign and the car book. They are so special. It’s unbelievable how much time you have put into them. Having gotten my own tutorial, I can really appreciate all the detailed work and effort. Evan and I have enjoyed reading the car book together—he really gets a kick out of seeing himself. And he likes to touch the key and traffic light and raised paper—quite a tactile experience! It is such a nice keepsake for him—one that I and he will cherish. It really captures this moment of time in his life and his passions. You did a wonderful job—so creative and colorful. I like how you used the colors in the picture to complete the page but still maintained the theme throughout—everything down to the ‘road’ ribbon. Unbelievable. We hung up the room, I mean, vroom sign and we just love it.'

She is one great with words and might have over sold my album a bit but I was touched by her words of thanks and I am so happy that she and Evan loved it! That makes the 6+ hours worth it!

Note: I asked her if she wanted me to remove the metal pieces when I gave her the album and she said no. She said she would only use it as a book they look at together at bedtime and that way there was no danger.

What was your best Thank you for something you created?


  1. I made my cousins' children a book of opposites for Christmas. I made it from a used board book, printed photos from the printer on regular paper, and painted/inked/decorated the page. The photos were of my daughters and the recipient children in vaious poses that represented the opposite words. For example, my oldest daughter held a basketball and my youngest daughter held a baseball. One of the children was in the snow playing, and the other was in the pool playing, so we did hot and cold. I did both books in one day. The longest time was for the modpodge to dry. I modpodged over everything after I was done for security, then attached ribbons, etc. Both books are used as a read with me book and not for the individual child to have. When I gave them at Christmas, my cousins, aunts, my grandmother, and my mom all cried. I had never done any work and given it to my family before, only to friends or customers. They were so impressed that I actually felt like it was "overboard" just like you said. BUT I do realize that personalized gifts are much more special no matter what and if it has photos too, all the better! So there is my favorite "thank you". Hope to get more soon :)
    Oh, and can I say how jealous I am about you going to the Tim Holtz class!! What I would give... Have a blast, although I know you will! I first heard of Tim and his work on the Carol Duvall Show when he made these fantastic glass ball Christmas ornaments. He put gold leaf sizing inside and swirled them, then tapped in pigment powders, then poured in black paint. They were so DRAMATIC and beautiful. I made some and they were even prettier in person!! And Easy!
    I bit the bullet and became a Stampin Up demo! I will post some tutorials on my site and photos as I make things. If you ever need something or want one of my kits, just let me know!

  2. Awwww, Amy I am so happy for you, and I doubt that she oversold your talent at all. I'm excited for you that your gift was so well received and appreciated. Thanks for sharing the beautiful note that followed.

  3. Leslie - I love the idea of opposites! So unique. I also have to go search out those ornaments! Congrats on becoming a Stampin' up demo! I would love to hear how you are doing and how your experiance is. I would love to do it but I don't know enough people to get started and hit minimums.
    Jill - Thank you for your comments and for asking the question that sparked this post.

  4. HI Amy ... great idea on sharing the 'thank yous'.. Im so happy for you on your thank yous!! its alot of fun work making something so great and its just extra BONUS when the recipient loves it!! ;)
    with a grin,

  5. Stephanie - I completely agree! I don't do what I do for a thank you but it sure is nice to hear!