Monday, January 25, 2010

Kathryn, My angel!

Back Story:
In October 2009, I signed up for a mini album swap with TWS (Trade Wind Scrappers) on the Life on the (Scrap) Beach online community. The theme was Feeling Spooky. I made the spooky album (I have a video for that here ) for my partner and I never received one in return. I was pretty bummed.

Kathryn (the founder of the Scrap beach and an amazingly talented Scrapper) decided to start a Scrappers Angel Guild. If someone doesn't get an album from their partner a bunch of ladies (me included) have volunteered to make one for them when called upon. Kathryn was my angel and made me a mini to make up for the one I never received! How nice is that!

I was blown away by how amazing this album is. She put so much effort, time and personalization into it! I feel so special and I couldn't be more grateful. She had kitty stamps that were just too adorable and even named one Finn! She is just so inspiring and talented! The album colors are awesome - she has such a eye for detail! I love the paper bags, tags, and bind it all O wires! I was just blown away! My favorite parts are the owls, Finn stamp and fragments! You outdid yourself!!!

Kathryn, Thank you so much! I am truly touched!

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  1. Amy, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :D I had to make sure Finn was respresented, so there were plenty of kitties for him to enjoy. I hope you have fun filling it up & I'm glad you're not bummed out about the swap anymore!

    Thanks for joining the Swap Angels Guild!

    Life's a beach. Scrapbook it.