Thursday, January 28, 2010

Recent Projects

I had Cabana Crop Club at my local Scrapbook Store this past weekend. The club meets once a month and you make a project, eat lunch, have hours to scrap whatever you want and of course LOTS of gabbing with the ladies! My mom goes with me and it's a nice bonding activity for us to do together. I love it!

I thought I would share what I made this past meeting. I finally have returned to my wedding scrapbook and love the page I came up with. It is very romantic and fairy tale fun! I also got around to using the sweet treat cups from Stampin up in the manner I bought them for. They don't hold treats but something just as sweet! I had trouble with this page for so long and if you go back and click HERE at this video you will see the old solution and I think we can all agree the page is much better now!

I also finished a quick and easy 2 page layout that used up a bunch of my scraps! It is for a Christmas present for my sister-in-law. Yes, I said Christmas! I gave her a scrapbook for 2010. Filled with a 2 page layout for each month. However, after being sick and just being super busy - I only got 5 months done before Christmas. I told her I would finish each missing month before the month arrived. March was one of the missing months so I tackled that at crop club! I think the page is simple but cute and a great way to clear out some of those under used scraps! I have a plan to use scraps for April too! (yup, another missing month!) I have the following months still to complete: April, May, July, August, September, November! I know, I know, a lot of empty spots to fill but I am working on it!!!!

A few weeks ago, I had some time to organize my ribbon and I love the new system because I can actually see what I have, touch it, hold it up to a project - not to mention it looks pretty! I am very lucky Finn has not gravitated over to the flowy ribbon - could be disastrous if he ever decides to play but it is worth the risk!

Just a few things I have been working on, hope you like them! I am excited to finish my wedding album. My goal is to finish it before our Second anniversary (in April). I have about 6-8 more pages to add. Better get crackin!!!

Thanks for stopping in!

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  1. There are so many things that I want to comment about. First, I love the green scrap paper page for March. It looks GREAT! I can't do that. I wish I could because it looks so good together, but I worry too much about it matching. The page that is the "last page" in your wedding album... Beautiful! The P&P book page behind the photo says so much! I love the way you scrunched it just around the edges. Great use of fibers too. Finny-Poo is hilarious!! He just wants to craft too! I like the way you are storing your ribbon. I have ribbon on a binder ring like that too, but I don't have the wall space for it to hang down alone. It covers part of my shelves. I am going to work on my ribbon this weekend. My craft room is almost ready! It looks so much better!! I will show photos and maybe do a "Tour" video as my first video for my blog. I am going to make a Haul video just for practice this weekend. I got a lot of things from SU!
    Love the angle mini, but I am IN LOVE with the HP photo printer!!!!! I am so jealous!!!! Have fun with it!
    Hey! Maybe someday I could win a page from that P&P book as blog candy. Hint Hint. :)