Friday, January 1, 2010

Toy Box Mini Album

Happy New Year!!

Here is a mini I made for my dad/nephews. My dad made my nephews a toy box. It took him over 2 years to build. Finally it is done and he gave it to the boys this Christmas. I thought it would be a nice idea to make a mini so he could tell the boys his story. They are too young to understand what importance this toybox has but with this they might get it a little.

It came out great and they loved it! Hope you like it!


  1. My dad made a toy box for each of my girls, plus a wooden bench style rocking horse. They were all surprises, so there are no pictures. I guess I could make photos of the different things he has made though for a mini-mini-album! The things are all so special to me. The wooden rocking horse still sits in my bedroom. I put the pillows and blanket on it at night when the bed is not made.
    Love Love Love the mini!! Did you make the tools yourself? They look pretty easy to make, maybe I can alter some punches and get the same effect! Thanks for sharing!