Monday, December 28, 2009

My Christmas Haul!

Did everyone have a good Christmas? I sure did! I was sick the entire week before and up until Christmas Eve. I am still keeping my hubby awake but feeling much better. My mom and dad spoiled me with a bunch of Christmas goodies! I am itching to play with all of them!!! My sister-in-law also gave me the Sizzix Texture Boutique and the Fabulous Finds Cricut Cartridge. Yay! Check out what else I got!

I hope you like my haul. It is the last one for a while so savor it! Now I have to get busy using all my new products. I will be filming as I experiment with them and use what is in my stash.

What was your favorite gift??


  1. Lucky girl! You must have been really good this year! Thanks for sharing your haul. Can't wait to see what you make with all the goodies!

    BTW in the future if you just buy the silver 0-wires you can spray paint them any color (can order in bulk off of ebay). Just use a metal spray paint!

  2. Wow, lots of great goodies for you to play with! :D I am torn between my Cricut Expression and my new camera bag as to which is my favorit gift. That is a tough one for me. They're both awesome and they both will get a ton of use!

    Life's a beach. Scrapbook it.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the corner chomper!!! Love my Bind - it - all too! I always run out of rings though. I need to order more. I am jealous of the HP photo printer. I would like something like that too! I can't wait to see you use the TH MAsks. I have never seen those before! Here's a tip for your tight budget! Cut up cereal or cracker boxes to use for chipcoard. Need it thicker? Glue two sheets together first! Also, in the fishing tackle section of a store, look for the swivel clips and chain there. MUCH MUCH cheaper, plus there are tons of sizes! Check out library book sales...sometimes they have old library card file cards and tabs, library envelopes, and bookplates for next to nothing. My mom works at ours and I get first dibs on anything. I have gotten some of those metal brackets and library envelopes and "due date" cards there. They are GREAT for journaling.

    Since I watched the review before I watched this video, I got ticked off all over again!!! I can't believe it!