Friday, January 15, 2010

My Review of the Sizzix Texture Boutique

OK, I am pretty bummed out. I broke out my Sizzix Texture Boutique to play and have some fun only to find out it was pretty much useless. I plan to write Sizzix and tell tehm of my disappointment. Watch the video to find out why I am so upset! Mom, you get a pretty embossing machine! Get excited!


  1. This is probably my favorite product review of all time! I know you are bummed, but I was dying with laughter at the demonstration of the texture plates not fitting in the opening! I do agree that it is REALLY stupid that they didn't make the opening large enough for their texture plates, since it's called the TEXTURE Boutique. Have you tried looking for answers on YouTube about the plates and the Cuttlebug? Maybe with shims or something....

    Life's a beach. Scrapbook it.

  2. UGH!!! That sux!!! It is sooo cute, I would have thought it would be a great item too!They should have just made a cuttlebug all dressed up...seriously, why even make a product that uses less products than the last version!!! What a bummer!
    I've got a GREAT deal on the Big shot if you ever want to dive in. I know you are on a spending freeze, but any time before march you will also get free stamp sets for each $50 you spend... That is a minimum of 2 FREE stamp sets just for the Big Shot alone. you'll get more if you get come of the dies!

    Anyway, SU! also sells a texturz silicone impressions pad that works wonders for the texturz plates. It is around $10 for the small one I think, maybe even less. Using the Big Shot, which is very similar to the way you use the cuttlebug, you put this pad on the cardstock and the cardstock on the texture plate. Then run it through with the same plates. It is a rubbery thin piece, so maybe you can find something else that will work. Also, spritz your cardstock with water to dampen (not soak) it. You will be AMAZED at the depth the texture will get!!!
    Good luck!!

  3. Hilarious! I feel your pain and I thank you a hundred times for making this review because I was just about to purchase one and you saved me! I guess I will be looking for the dark pink cuttlebug but until I find that I think I will just buy the sizziz bigkick which I found a good deal on and its the white and pink one so it will match my cricut expression.

  4. Odd review...kinda like complaining about the uselessness of a town car when you should have bought a utility !
    The Sizzix website states that those texture plates are only for the larger machines.
    The word 'texture' is very misleading though.

    It's a great machine especially when you have a cricut and have no use for an embosser that cuts.