Sunday, June 28, 2009

DIY Wrapping Paper

I am showing how to make your own wrapping paper using budget plain paper (I found mine @ Target) and stamps! I love the manly look I got for my husband's wrapping paper using Tim Holtz distress ink and stamps!

This technique can be used on plain white paper as well. This is a way to get many occasions of wrapping paper out of ONE ROLL! It can also be used to make a background for a scrapbook page or card. I hope you like it!


  1. hey what a super great idea:) and its cute! DId he just love it.. how about the gifts!
    very creative!! thanks for sharing it with us:)

    with a grin,

  2. Great idea and further use of things I already own.

  3. He did love it! He didn't want to rip the paper. He was trying to be gentle - it was cute! I told him just shred it! It is fun and very adaptable for any occasion! Plus you get to use your stamps! Also a great idea for kids to do!! Thanks for watching!