Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My scraproom

It may be small, but I love it. It is actually 1/2 of a room. I live in an apartment that has no storage, so space is critical. I just got tired of scrapping out of a tote. I could never find anything, had nowhere to work, so ultimately I didn't scrapbook very often. Now that I have a space to create...I am actually CREATING!!!...who would have thought? Anyway, it has some good tips on saving space when you don't have a scrap "Room" and just have a scrap "Space".


  1. Have fun scrapping with your kitty...lol

  2. I love your scrap space ~ it looks very functional for your use! Also, your little kitty is so cute. I about dies when he reached around and just stole one of the brads off the table in your wedding page video! :D

    Life's a beach. Scrapbook it.

  3. I am glad you liked it. My kitty is a piece of work - let me tell you! He LOVES Scrapbooking. He will have a cameo every once in a while in the videos!

  4. Thats very neat and organised, like it. I am a new member of the GGS club, hope you will be part of it too. :) Have a nice day.

  5. Hi Amy--fellow GGS girl here. I agree with Kathryn-it does look functional. Nice to "meet" you. :)

  6. HI Amy !! Love your work space :) I'm happy to be around other newbies so shoot me an email whenever/or comments so we can chat.
    also, how did you get your youtube video on your blog.??? I don't know how to do that yet!! see your already teaching me something :)
    with a grin,

  7. Stephanie, I would have e-mailed you buy nI don't know your address. OK to "Embed" your Youtube video into your blog all you have to do is post your video on youtube, then click to view the video and in the box that appears on the side (where it says Subscribe) You will see URL and under that you will see Embed then a box with an address. click on that address and it will highlight, then right click and copy.

    Then go to your blog and start a new post. You will notice that there is a Edit HTML tab. Click on that and paste the Embed file address in between the little marks (where your writing will show. If you want the writing before the video write first then paste the file after the writing or vice versa or even in between. It might sound confusing but once you try it once it become super easy!

    I am glad we "met" too! See you here and on your blog. Feel free to e-mail me at amyversprille@yahoo.com anytime!