Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Inspiration Notebook

This is a tool I often use to help me when inspiration is lacking. Sometimes you get a brain cramp and the creative juices don't flow. When this happens I turn to my Scrap Inspiration Notebook. It holds...well, take a look! I hope this helps you! It works for me!


  1. Hi, Amy!

    This is pretty much EXACTLY the same as my inspiration notebook, except that I just use a cheap composition notebook that I decorate with paper and whatnot. Everything else is the same ~ cutting out pictures, writing notes, etc. Good for you for using yours! I almost never crack mine open. :( Sometimes I ask myself why I am bothering to keep it up!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Life's a beach. Scrapbook it.

  2. Thanks! It helps me out from time to time. I think because I haven't made too many things yet, I still look to others first then within myself. I am sure that will change the more I scrap but for now it really does help! Thanks for commenting!

  3. HI Amy!! that is an awesome inspiration journal!! I have something similar..but I type mine up on the computer .. with screen captures and then I print and stick in my binder! :) I love it.. and use it occassionally! fun to do!
    thanks for sharing your journal!!
    with a grin,