Thursday, August 19, 2010


Guess what I am doing tonight?? I am making beer! From scratch! Hubby and I bought my brother a gift certificate to make beer for his birthday. The place is called Incredibrew in Nashua, NH. You can make wine, beer or rootbeer. It is super fun! Hubby and I made wine one year for my birthday. Dave gave a gift certificate to make beer to his best man for a gift.

It is cool because you get to name your brew and create a custom label for it. I am excited. I will be cataloging it all for a Beer mini! Super fun! When I get back, I will update with the kind we chose to make. There are SO many to chose from, it will be hard to pick just one. I can't wait to get brewing!

See you tomorrow for another something Yummy!

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  1. What fun! We went to the Jack Daniels distillery once. It was a blast, but the yeast room almost made me sick. I've heard making beer is not as bad. Maybe I will have to try that sometime!
    Love your new blog design. I had to go and pick one out myself!
    Tick Tock Tick Tock. Fall premieres are coming soon!!