Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blogiversary Haul

OK, Wednesdays are Haul days during the Blogiversary month. I haven't done a haul in a LONG time. I have been buying only when on sale, with coupons or when a store is going out of business (Sad!). I have been shopping less which is good and really waiting for those great deals before pulling the trigger. So there are a few things to show you and I have separated them into a haul a week.

The first is a haul of fixtures that I got from a local scrapbook store that recently had to close. I was able to get a bunch of great deals (some of which I will show you later) and a few cool fixtures. I got a Making Memories mat for only $5.00! I got the really cool lamp for $10 and a cup holder / heat gun holder for $10 as well! Very cool! I love that they don't take much room on my table.

I also show my paper sorter. I got this for super cheap at with a 50% off coupon and free shipping. A great deal. I LOVE it! I have been complaining about how I store my paper since I started scrapbooking and now I am a happy camper!

So my hubby helped me put it together because he is super sweet. So, of course, once I fill it with my paper I show him so he can see how awesome it is. He says, "Wow, that's a lot of paper!" I say, "Wow, I was just thinking the exact opposite and thinking how I really need more colored cardstock!" Mars vs. Venus strikes again right?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my new fixtures. It is sad that Scrapbook Island had to close in order for me to get these goodies but I will think of the store and friends every time I use them.

Thanks for listening and be sure to tune in tomorrow for another Blogiversary post!

Also - I will probably run out of things to blog about in a week or so, so feel free to let me know what things you would like to see or have me do! Just be kind - this isn't fear factor or anything! LOL

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