Tuesday, August 3, 2010

These are a few of my Favorite Things

I bet you are all singing the tune from Sound of music now! LOL! So, during my Blogiversary month, each Tuesday I will be sharing some of my favorite things. I am going to start out with my favorite basic tools. I wouldn't say these are must haves but I certainly can't live without them now that I have them. I am sure you have all heard these raved about but I thought I would add my two cents.

First - My ATG gun. I know you've all heard about these wonderful tools. If you don't have one - get one! They now come in PINK for a CRAZY low price at www.customcrops.com! That would have saved me from altering mine (twice!). I love it now - a textured dark gray with cool silver rubons and bling! I use this tool on every project. Love it!

Second is my ranger craft sheet. Mine has certainly taken a beating but still works like a charm. I use it when I stamp, ink, glue, etc. I basically use it for everything except cutting. It is invaluable to get great blending technique and keep your mats from getting all bumpy with glue and glitter.

Third is the Tim Holtz ink blending tool (with foam or felt I love both for different uses!) With the foam it creates beautiful blending effects and soft edges. With the felt, you can play with alcohol inks - a new pass time of mine! Love them!

Fourth fav is my Tonic guillotine trimmer. I LOVE this thing! It always cuts a straight line...ALWAYS! I know that is what all trimmers claim to do and should do from a function standpoint but I have three trimmers in my closet that don't. I cannot tell you how frustrated I would get when I would cut a card, fold it and it was off a little - oh man I would get so mad! Finally I had had enough! I broke down and bought this trimmer and it was, hands down, the best scrap purchase I have made yet! I love it and it cuts chipboard! Highly recommend it and could go on forever!

Fifth basic that I cannot live without is a computer. I use this tool more than any other for scrapbooking. The inspiration from fellow scrap buddies on youtube and blogs is a MUST for learning and growing into this craft. When I first started I was clueless about what tools to buy, what techniques looked too scary (embossing) and how to approach a layout. I wasted money before I found the tools that worked best for me. I have learned so many techniques online. I have had so many different teachers over these 2 years and my scrapping has evolved so much. I learned you can scrap about your trip to the dentist and make it a really cool addition to a scrapbook. I go to the internet for ideas, for support, for friendship, for help when I am stuck, for tips on where to shop, to find out what's new and so much more. The computer is also where I do a lot of my journaling. I love handwritten journaling but sometimes you need to type it out first to edit and prevent those scratched out words. It is also nice to just type and print sometimes.

So there are my top five basic tools I need when I scrapbook. I know there is nothing earth shattering here and most, if not all, of you share my love of these things. I just wanted to honor the basics that help me do what I do. What is you favorite tool?

Thanks for listening! Please leave a comment and tune in tomorrow for more Blogiversary fun!

P.S. - How do you like the new background for the blog??


  1. For me my first one is my computer. It's incredible all the thing I've learn be on line, I love it. Second one, it' s my cricut. I really enjoy it. I don't have an ATG but I want one, so maybe for my birthday I could recieve one.


  2. Hi amy, love your back ground. About my favorite tools, my tim holtz siccors, crop a dile distress tool from tim and my glass mat (kitchen one)and heat gun. Thats all i have. I have a yellow atg and just ordered some tape so i can start using it. That are all the tools i have. Will be puting my eye out for the tonic cutter, would love to have one that cuts straight.

    Lots of love, Gina

  3. That's fairly close to my top 5. I might have to put the computer higher on the list though as it has changed my crafting Soooo much! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.