Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tim Holtz Fragment Project

I have been wanting to do this project for EVER! Finally a product came out that made my job so much easier and it actually got finished!

I purchased this Tim Holtz ink storage case a very long time ago. I wanted to do the same thing to mine that Tim did with his, which is to add fragments to the case. This gives the metal case a bit of style. I just never got around to finding small bits of paper to attach to the fragments. I didn't want to use any big piece for just one small fragment and I didn't feel like my scraps all went together. Needless to say - it never got done.

Then I picked up the Tim Holtz Lost and Found paper pack on sale at Michaels and my problem was solved! Tim "the genius" has made using fragments SOOOO easy! I used 1 whole sheet of the 2" x 2" paper pieces and made all my fragments at one time all together so it wasn't a big mess. It worked like a charm!

These would work great for not only adding to the storage case, but for adorning boxes, covers of minis, scrapbook pages, mini album pages, cards etc. It is super convenient to make a bunch at once and have them on hand to add to a project.

You don't need to use the Tim Holtz papers for this either. These embellishments can be made with left over scraps on any project and just kept in a tin for future use on a project. Everyone has probably used the fragment charms but this shows a few uses for the plain fragments.

I love the final result and need to get more fragments to add around the edge to finish off the case. But so far I think it looks great! I hope you like this project and that it inspires you to create something using fragments!

Thanks for watching and see you tomorrow for more fun!

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