Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grungeboard Series: Experiments

So, one of the fun parts of scrapbooking is experimenting after you make mistakes. I don't know about you, but i make a lot of mistakes. When I do I do everything I can think of to salvage the thing I just messed up. That happened A LOT in today's videos. I will start out with the embossed paint. I need a bright piece for my mosiac. I wanted a yello but was not getting it as bright as I wanted. I tried a few things but what I ended up with in the end is a piece that worked perfectly! Here is what I actually did:

Inked with scattered straw (too light)
Inked with Mustard Seed (better)
Dried the piece
Embossed the clear embossing powder
Inked over it with spiced marmalade (Way too dark)
Painted it with Making Memories Sunflower paint
Let dry until a bit tacky
wiped off paint from embossed areas.

Whatever works right??

Next technique is paint on paint. I actually found this technique by mistake! I started out thinking of doing the double distress technique except with paint but the dabbers didn't cooperate as I thought they would. However, I LOVE the piece I created. I embosses the piece with the patchwork texture fade then added Stream paint over it and let it dry. Then I added cloudy blue paint over that and let it dry as well. Then I sanded off only the first layer of paint revealing the stream color. I think is is an awesome technique that I will definitely do again!

Thanks for watching me experiment and turn mistakes into masterpieces! See you tomorrow for our last techniques before the final product is unveiled!

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  1. It's so fun to get out all our products and just play, isn't it? In the end I really loved the way your yellow piece turned out! But then I really liked the way it started too! lol You said you wanted it brighter though...and you're the artist on this one! It really ended up great! I have that patchwork texture fade and it's fantastic! Chipboard just wouldn't do what the grunge I just HAVE to find some grunge board, don't I? Sorry for writing a book! I'm really enjoying your lessons!...Nancy :o)